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GMT mbH is an international engineering company with its headquarter in Berlin. Our competences are the result of 25 years of practice and are based on our expertise in material and forming technology.
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What does GMT offer?
New, creative, tailor-made solutions and extensive, industry-oriented know-how

Since when has GMT been active in the metal industry?

Since 1997, GMT has been working closely with the metalworking industry. In the beginning, GMT primarily worked on projects which came directly from the metal industry. Plant solutions adapted to customer requirements were developed, such as a slab tracking and a bar counting system or special plant extensions in the field of forming. GMT has been aware of the needs and potentials of this industry and in-house software and equipment solutions have been developed since then.
What are the products and services of GMT?
There is the material database MatILDa® for material simulation as well as extensive know-how regarding the industry-oriented application of material data and models. Furthermore, GMT supports the distribution of the FEM software QForm UK, aided by our experts in the field of FEM simulation for a wide range of forming and heat treatment processes. Furthermore, the HDQT® facility and technology as an innovative forming process for achieving new property categories for steels, titanium and nickel-based alloys was developed from the idea to market maturity by GMT founder, Dr. Borowikow. According to the trends of the last few years, the focus continues to be on the development of proprietary plantsand technologies as well as comprehensive expertise for the metals industry.
What motivates the GMT?
GMT believes that only new ideas and concepts can support the metals sector for the challenging future.

Throughout this year, our GMT team has produced numerous publications, which have been published in reputable conferences and specialized journals. We invite you to explore these remarkable achievements in our 'Publications' section.

Furthermore, we encourage you to stay informed about our latest endeavors and activities by visiting the 'News' section.

GMT head office Berlin

Heinersdorfer Str. 12, 13086 Berlin
Gesellschaft für metallurgische Technologie- und Softwareentwicklung mbH
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