Progress starts at micro level
Growing demands for sustainability and energy efficiency require continuous material optimization. The recrystallization model integrated in MatILDa® allows to calculate microstructure changes due to the recrystallization processes during hot forming - as well as the average grain size including the hardening and softening behavior.
Dynamic and static recrystallization are the most important processes involved in this kind of calculation. Here, MatILDa® determines the associated recrystallized fractions as well as the grain sizes of the newly formed grains. The average grain size is then calculated based on the grain sizes of the recrystallized and non-recrystallized portions. After completion of the recrystallization process, grain growth processes start above the recrystallization temperature of the material. The latter are also taken into account in the grain size calculation.


Use of neural networks for the calculation of microstructure transformation in steels


The material data base for realistic material simulation