Individual calculation options increase flexibility
Targeted optimization of material properties is essential for the development of more efficient production and finishing processes. The material database provides the basis for material property calculations on warm and cold flow curves as a function of forming temperature, strain and stain rate as well as physical properties as a function of temperature such as thermal expansion, Young`s modulus, heat conductivity, specific heat, density and temperature conductivity.
MatILDa® supports customer requirements by offering flexible modification options.
Optimization of material properties: Users may utilize and modify the extensive data archive to conduct chemical analysis as well as expand it by their own materials and test data.
Flow curve calculation: Flow curves may be defined using the approaches included in the database or supplemented by customer-specific parameters.
Know-how management: MatILDa® permits the user to integrate their own sets of data, thus supporting the creation of individual systems of data management and expansion of knowledge.


Development, optimization, cost reduction by microstructure simulation


The material data base for realistic material simulation