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In the steel manufacturing industry, optimization of material properties is achieved mainly by thermomechanical treatment methods. MatILDa®’s competence is strengthened by the integration of neural networks developed by GMT, which allow the calculation of microstructure transformation in steels during cooling on the basis of chemical analysis and austenitization temperature. The use of neural networks allows users to make predictions regarding microstructure shares, ferrite grain size, pearlite lamellar spacing, and mechanical product properties.
In addition, MatILDa® provides a digital library of standardized CCT / TTT diagrams, which serve as tools of reference for microstructure portions and hardness values. The database’s open interface permits users to import additional digitalized CCT / TTT diagrams and implement this information in further calculations involving FEM-simulation software.
MatILDa® exhibits another special feature: For detailed examination, phase formations are displayed in the form of logarithmic t85 diagrams. User-friendly controls allow quick adjustments of values and application of changes in microstructure portions.

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