Since our establishment in 1997, GMT has proudly stood as a dedicated partner to the metalworking industry. Our committed team of engineers consists of experienced materials scientists, metal formers and mechanical engineers. Together, we are committed to the challenge of creating innovative solutions for the industry. Fueled by a deep passion for metalworking and a profound understanding of materials, we work tirelessly to push the boundaries of technology, crafting tailored solutions for our partners.
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Our experts work passionately and with expertise on innovative solutions. Get to know the team behind GMT!
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We offer complex services: be it in the modernization of plants and plant construction or in projects with interdisciplinary issues.
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GMT, an innovative industrial partner for diverse research projects, invites you to delve into our world of research and development. Discover how we consistently contribute to groundbreaking projects. Stay informed about our current R&D activities and publications. At GMT, we take pride in collaborating with you to shape the future.
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