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QForm UK: FEM software for the simulation of metal forming processes

QForm 3D is the professional FEM software to simulate metal forming processes and heat treatments

Since 2011, we have been experts for QForm UK. We have been responsible to sell and support QForm UK since. We offer you a powerful package for everything regarding the FEM software QForm UK: technically competent consultancy, professional sales process and reliable support from a single source.

About QForm UK

QForm UK is a software package based on state-of-the-art technologies for FEM simulation of almost all types of hot, warm and cold metal forming processes, especially bulk forming. It includes customized modules for longitudinal and cross rolling processes, for ring rolling, extrusion and for electric upsetting. QForm UK software allows simulation of an entire technological chain at high speed and excellent reliability and provides a wide range of possibilities for process analysis as well as the calculation of the resulting microstructure and the phase transformation. The QForm UK simulation software is used for development and optimization of many different metal forming processes for parts production in aerospace, defense, automotive, energy and other industries.
QForm 3D FEM software

Sales & consultancy around QForm UK

Since 2011, we have been experts in selling and consultancy for QForm UK: a unique period of experience from which you can benefit, too. Our deep insight into the QForm UK products allows us to be actively involved in optimizing the FEM software: If any inconsistencies occur in a simulation, they can be reported directly to the developers and appropriate adjustments can be made. This saves you time and money.
QForm forming simulation
QForm UK unique selling points
QForm UK software is the world leader not only in the simulation of forming processes of metallic materials, but also in the field of design and optimization of tools for die forging and extrusion of aluminum profiles. Programs are well known for the most user-friendly interface, automated algorithms and the best professional technical support.
Economic benefits of QForm UK software products on the basis of the following features:
✔ Decreasing production lead time
✔ Eliminating defects in metal forming production
✔ Increasing quality and improving product properties
✔ Reducing material consumption
✔ Elimination of test dies
✔ Reduced development time and improved efficiency
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✔ Our offer is non-binding
✔ Personally prepared by our experts
✔ Free of charge
Support & Sales
Since January 2011, GMT provides technical and administrative support for the forming simulation software products QForm UK and QForm Extrusion. Furthermore, GMT offers training courses for QForm UK.
Iris Gliewe
Administrative Support
Iris Gliewe

Phone: +49 3338 33421815
eMail: iris.gliewe@gmt-berlin.com
Daniel Seifert
Technical Support
Daniel Seifert

Phone: +49 3338 33421817
eMail: daniel.seifert@gmt-berlin.com
The new version QForm UK 10.2.4 is available and is currently being delivered to all customers. For further information please contact our support team.

During the forming conference MEFORM 2023, on 16. and 17.03.2023, at the Institute for Metal Forming of the TU BA in Freiberg / Saxony, we will be happy to inform you about the latest QForm UK version at our exhibition table.

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QForm 3D Software

QForm UK enables the simulation of a wide range of metal forming processes. It is supplied with extensive databases of forming materials, tool materials, lubricants and machines.
QForm FEM Software

QForm UK Extrusion

QForm UK Extrusion is a special software to simulate your extrusion processes of profiles made of aluminum and other alloys. It is developed for simulation analysis of material flow during the extrusion process and for analysis of the stress-strain state of die set.
QForm UK Extrusion

Material simulation with MatILDa®

QForm UK also uses a significant amount of experimental data from the materials database MatILDa®. With a standard interface material data and models can be easily integrated into the FEM software. Adding material simulation, FEM results can be improved significantly.
MatILDa materials database
What is QForm UK software?
The FEM software QForm UK solves tasks of simulation in 2D and 3D. It was developed for mathematical modeling of processes and is used in various branches of industry. The system is delivered with standard databases for metallic materials, forming aggregates and lubricants. Additional modules allow, among other things, the import of die and workpiece geometries or the input of 2D contours for tools and workpieces. The QForm UK FEM software package is individually composed by us according to your needs.

Where is the QForm UK FEM software used?

The QForm UK software for 3D simulation and 2D simulation is used for various cold forming, warm forming and hot forming processes as well as heat treatments.

The QForm UK software for FEM simulation is used for various cold forming, warm forming and hot forming processes, e.g. for
• cross rolling,
• longitudinal rolling,
• drop forging,
• open-die forging,
• ring rolling,
extrusion and
• electro-upsetting.

QForm UK software supports forming simulation for mechanical, hydraulic and screw presses and forging in hammers. Furthermore, deformation by rolling can also be simulated as longitudinal or cross rolling, whereby both flat and profiled rolls can be used. Rolling is possible in single passes or as a continuous process.

Why should I choose 3D simulation with QForm UK?

QForm UK is a standard simulation program for many forming processes. However, an 3D / 2D simulation is only helpful if it can also map the real processes. Exactly such a realistic mapping has already been implemented on the ground in many industrial processes!
Save development costs with FEM software
Save development, tool and energy costs by simulating your process in advance.
Intuitive operation of the simulation software is possible without special expertise
In addition, QForm UK offers a clear user interface for intuitive operation. Forming processes can be simulated even without special expertise: QForm UK offers automatic networking, whereby the network can be set finely or coarsely, so that a 3D or 2D simulation can be carried out quickly and without specialist networking knowledge. In addition, unlike competing products, QForm UK can use an infinite number of elements (nodes in the network or volume elements). A calculation e.g. of contact conditions can be automated in the software, but also influenced by the user.
Why GMT is your ideal partner when it comes to QForm UK
For many years, GMT has been a reliable partner for the support and sales of QForm UK. Sales and licensing are part of our daily business and are handled professionally and quickly, but always individually and personally. Contact us and learn more about possible licenses, costs as well as the QForm UK cloud license.
We competently assess your process concerning the mapping in the software
On the basis of many years of utilization and diverse applications of the QForm UK products in a wide variety of processes, the GMT employees can competently assess whether your process can be optimally simulated with the forming simulation software QForm UK. In addition, the know-how for independent forming simulation of your forming process in QForm UK is available to make it easier for you to start with QForm UK. The contact persons at GMT have direct contact with the developers of the QForm UK products, so that even in-depth questions can be clarified quickly.
Since 2011, we have been experts in selling and consultancy for QForm UK
Since 2011, GMT is in charge for German-speaking sales: a period of experience from which you can benefit, too. Our employees are familiar with various applications for 2D / 3D simulation, simulate a wide variety of processes themselves with the FEM software and write publications and conference contributions for various international magazines and events.
We are actively involved in the ongoing development of the QForm UK software
Our deep insight into the QForm UK products allows us to be actively involved in optimizing the software: If any inconsistencies occur in a simulation, they can be reported directly to the developers and appropriate adjustments can be made.
What services does GMT offer in connection with QForm UK?
GMT has orientated its offer strictly to the user’s need and counts numerous well-known companies among its customer base. Are you looking for suitable FEM software for realistic simulation of your forming process, too? Talk to us, provide us with key data of your process and we will give you a first rough assessment of the feasibility with QForm UK. You will receive a non-binding offer.
3D simulation to map your process
We also offer the option to accompany or carry out the initial creation of a project for the 2D or 3D mapping of your process. You can also benefit from our forming technology and material know-how and receive recommendations for your process and/or material.
User-oriented, effective and professional: we are at your side as long-term partner
GMT focusses on your needs: we want to ensure that you can realistically simulate your processes and that you project is in the best hands. We will continue to support you after purchasing the product: in addition to competent and friendly support, we also offer tailor-made events for QForm UK customers: participate in training courses on the QForm UK software package or join the user meeting, which is very much appreciated by users. Online user training is also possible.