Accurate material data from MatILDa® via new standard interface for QForm UK

The materials database MatILDa® now also supplies material data to the FEM software QForm UK via a newly developed interface. Users can select required material data via this standard interface and import it into their FEM project. In the use of experimentally determined material data with consideration of the stress state in the forming process (tension, compression, torsion) a considerable potential for the improvement of the representation of a forming process in a FEM simulation is identified. The further development was carried out in cooperation of GMT mbH with QForm UK and promises highly precise simulation results to the users.
materials database MatILDa

8th Berlin User Meeting of QForm UK Users and interested Parties

From September 19-21, 2022, our 8th Berlin User Meeting of QForm UK users and interested parties will take place in Potsdam. The event will focus on the presentation of the latest QForm UK version. New possibilities for the simulation of open die forging processes, longitudinal rolling, tool simulation in die forging as well as phase transformations and grain size calculation will be presented. In a workshop led by QForm UK developers, specialists and Micas Simulations Ltd. managing director Nick Biba, all specifications and features of the new QForm UK version will be discussed in detail and deepened in numerous exercises.
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ALUMINIUM Exhibition 2022 in Düsseldorf

Meet us at the ALUMINIUM 2022 exhibition in Düsseldorf from September 27-29, 2022, at our booth 4G14 in exhibition hall 4! We will present the forming simulation programs QForm UK Extrusion and QForm UK. We invite you to visit our numerous mini-seminars at the booth (seminar program will follow soon) and learn more about the performance of the QForm UK products.
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36th ASK Metal Forming in Aachen: Shaping ideas

In the program of the 36th ASK Umformtechnik of the Institute of Metal Forming of the RWTH Aachen University (focus of the conference this year: development of forming processes, machines, products and simulation methods) on 26th and 27th October 2022 GMT mbh presents the program QForm UK on an exhibition stand of the accompanying trade exhibition in the conference center EUROGRESS Aachen.
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Accurate, validated material data for FEM simulation

Today, FEM simulation is a widely used tool for modelling forming and heat treatment processes. The exact simulation has been continuously optimized in recent years, so that process and boundary conditions are specified with increasingly higher accuracy. In the use of material data, however, compromises are often made and similar alloys or standard literature values are used. In this case, exact material data adapted to the stresses of the forming process in question (tension, compression, torsion) can significantly increase the accuracy of the FEM simulation results!
QForm UK FEM-Software

New release of MatILDa®: the materials database for metals

The newly launched version of the materials database MatILDa® offers comprehensive and user-friendly access to materials data for a wide range of metals with extensive visualization functionalities. Over 300 materials are represented: Steels, aluminum, copper, nickel, cobalt, magnesium as well as titanium alloys. Data files can be easily integrated and maintained in the materials database. Another special feature is the open standard interface for data exchange. This means that the functionality and data from the materials database MatILDa® can be integrated into any application program (stitch diagram calculator, FEM programs, process simulation, etc.) via direct data access or data exchange with the aid of an export function.
materials database MatILDa

Presentation at the SCT 2022

19th to 23rd June, 2022: “Steels in Cars and Trucks” conference in Milan (Italy). Topic: Performance leaps through intelligent technology solutions. GMT and KOCKS presented three key solutions regarding sustainability, flexibility and digitization: The innovative HDQT® technology – implemented in collaboration with the Steeltec group on an industrial scale as XTP® technology – applies a thermomechanical treatment of bar materials to improve toughness and durability of standard steel grades without the addition of alloying elements. The ma-terial database MatILDa® supports users in material optimization and is one tool GMT relies on to assist with intelligent plant control regarding the inductive heating of long products. The KMS® technology provides process simulation and permits precise setting of local component properties, thus saving resources.
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GMT now part of KOCKS

With effect from April 29th 2021, the engineering service provider GMT Gesellschaft für metallurgische Technologie- und Softwareentwicklung mbH was taken over by Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co. KG. GMT mbH will continue to operate as an independent company within the KOCKS group of companies and will continue to do business unchanged. All GMT employees will remain with you as contact persons, as will GMT's products: the materials database MatILDa, the HDQT technology, the development services and support for QForm as well as the industrial image processing technologies.
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