Plant development: We make your ideas come true!

Tailored Solutions for Efficient Production Systems

Years of experience and well-established partnerships in the metal processing industry empower GMT to deliver customized plant solutions. As a recognized entity with extensive tenure, we offer a highly qualified team of engineers and experts, poised to assist you in optimizing your production processes and crafting efficient facilities. Armed with a comprehensive grasp of contemporary technologies and industrial best practices, we stand as a dependable partner to help you successfully execute your plant projects.

Why Efficient Plant Development Matters:
In a fiercely competitive business landscape, the efficiency of your production facilities stands as a pivotal factor for your success. Tailored plant development has the potential to amplify your production capacities, curtail operational costs, and enhance product quality. Our experts are here to support you in harnessing cutting-edge plant technologies and devising solutions precisely tailored to your unique requirements.

Many references and joint patents with leading companies in the steel industry prove our process-related competence. You can benefit from our extensive range of services:
Optimization / modernization regarding sensor technology, control and process (automation)
Problem analysis in case of recurring failure of tools or other components in the machine by CAD analysis, material adaptations or 3D analysis by using QForm UK to determine the weak point(s)
Development of customer-specific, turnkey plant solutions meeting customer requirements
Development of new plant concepts for existing production lines
Expanding existing production lines by additional systems
In recent years, several industrial solutions, which were developed by GMT, have been implemented in cooperation with partners from plant manufacturers and automation specialists resulting in clear advantages for the customers. The coordinated know-how of a high performance team of developers, plant and automation engineers guarantees reliable concepts and fast implementation times starting with the concept to the design drawing up to production and commissioning.


We offer complex services: be it in the modernization of plants and plant construction or in projects with interdisciplinary issues. Convince yourself!