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Technology consulting: New product segments through innovative technology concepts

Your Prime Destination for Tailored Engineering and Technology Solutions

As a distinguished enterprise, our technology consulting services serve as your premier destination for customized engineering and technology solutions. We bring to the table a highly skilled team of experts, poised to assist you in conquering your technological challenges and successfully realizing your projects. With an in-depth comprehension of current technologies and engineering best practices, we stand by your side as a trusted partner, ensuring your triumph.

Why Technology Consulting Matters:
In today's fast-paced world, staying abreast of the latest technological advancements is crucial for remaining competitive. Effective technology consulting can make the pivotal difference, granting you access to the latest developments, processes, and innovations. Our technology consulting empowers you to optimize business processes, curtail costs, minimize risks, and propel innovation forward.

The combination of forming technology know-how and material knowledge allows a complex approach to the processes to be optimized. Therefore, the GMT team can offer the following services:
Know-How for the production of new metallic materials / alloy systems
Thermomechanical treatment for continuous production processes
Process development (e.g. cladding, patenting, HDQT technology, tempering)
Integration of new process stages in existing production lines
Analysis and process optimization for recurring product problems from forming (e.g. cracks, finished forming capacity, sliding) or subsequent processing steps (e.g. machining, drawing)
Alloy adaptations in case of recurring production defects or product adjustments
Support in selecting materials for special applications
Use of image processing for product quality monitoring
Special applications for material tracking
Literature and patent research
To accomplish these tasks, we use standard FEM and our own simulation tools as well as statistics packages. The process spectrum of the customers we support ranges from heavy plate, hot and cold strip production to bar and wire rolling processes, various tube manufacturing technologies up to open-die forging. We accompany our customers from the initial idea to commissioning and can develop completely new technology concepts or enhance existing technologies.

HDQT plant

Rethinking existing methods: an intensive forming step integrated into a quench and tempering facility opens up new property categories for steels and high-strength materials.
HDQT plant