Interfaces & Functionalities

Export and application of material data sets from MatILDa®

Connectivity creates knowledge

Material data are the basis for many simulation processes. For this reason, MatILDa® is already equipped with interfaces to the programs Simufact, QForm UK und KOCKS Microstructure Simulator KMS. MatILDa® can also easily be linked to further FEM software, programs for roll pass design calculation and process simulation programs via direct data access or its comfortable data export feature.

An additional Software Development Kit including interface specifications and sample data is available for software developers to link MatILDa® to their own programs.

Individual calculation options increase flexibility

MatILDa® supports the costumer’s requirements by offering flexible calculation options. Thus, it enables users to define and test customer-specific virtual material combinations in the database itself as a stand-alone tool or to use the tool in combination with simulation programs. The database’s intuitive user interface has been designed to allow free scalability of its visualization functions.

MatILDa® supports customer requirements by offering flexible modification options.
Material optimization: Users may utilize and modify the extensive data archive to conduct chemical analysis as well as expand it by their own materials and test data.

Calculation options: The approaches included may be individually adapted, supplemented by customer-specific parameters and parameterized by specific coefficients.

Know-how management: MatILDa® permits the user to integrate their own sets of data, thus supporting the creation of individual systems of data management and expansion of knowledge.
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Materials in MatILDa®

United in one place: material data and models for alloys of steel, titanium, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper and magnesium


The material data base for realistic material simulation